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Lil' Crumbler


It's a little tumbler! It's a little template!

It's kind of like The Crumbler... only smaller.

The Lil' Crumbler measures 4" from top to bottom and has markings that allow for cutting tumblers in at least nine different sizes. There is a center line that can help with cutting side setting pieces or making pieced tumblers. Seam allowance markings help with fussy-cutting or cutting tumblers to different widths.

If you're wondering about the two little projects shown, the little tumbler quilt in the frame finishes at about 10" x 12". The lil' tumblers were cut from 1 1/2" strips and they finish at 1" tall. I also used 1 1/2" strips to make the red and cream Split Tumbler. Two strips - one cream and one red - were sewn together to make a strip set. The tumblers were cut from the pieced strips. It measures about 10" x 12.

The template comes with some sheets of paper that include:
- Instructions on how to line up the templates for piecing and pressing recommendations.
- Guidelines for cutting side pieces and fussy-cutting.
- Yardage information ~ or how many templates can be cut per strip for each of the possible sizes of tumbler.
- If I make this many rows with this many tumblers in a row… how big is my quilt going to be? That’s in there too.
- The ideas and basic instructions for a couple of projects, including the two shown here.

As for where that "crumbler" name comes from...
C - Carrie
R - Rosie
Umbler - Tumbler

That's how it was explained to me by the friend who decided this was the perfect name for my tumbler template. I wasn't sure about that but the name stuck in my head so that's the name it gets!

The template will be mailed in a photo-mailer to ensure safe delivery via First Class mail.

** These won't be available for shipping until April 1st.

** The shipping cost for overseas is based on recent envelopes mailed. For every package - domestic and international - if the actual cost of the package is less than what you paid, the excess amount will be refunded.