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The Crumbler


I goofed. I'm out of the templates right now but they're coming soon... though not nearly soon enough.

It's tumbler! It's a template!

C - Carrie
R - Rosie
Umbler - Tumbler

That's how it was explained to me by the friend who decided this was the perfect name for my tumbler template. I wasn't sure about that but the name stuck in my head so that's the name it gets!

The Crumbler measures 5 1/2" from top to bottom and has markings that allow for cutting tumblers in at least six different sizes. There is a center line that can help with cutting side setting pieces or making pieced tumblers. Seam allowance markings help with fussy-cutting or cutting tumblers to different widths.

The template comes with some sheets of paper that include:
- Instructions on how to line up the templates for piecing and pressing recommendations.
- Guidelines for cutting side pieces and fussy-cutting.
- Yardage information ~ or how many templates can be cut per strip for each of the possible sizes of tumbler.
- If I make this many rows with this many tumblers in a row… how big is my quilt going to be? That’s in there too.

** These won't be available for shipping until April 1st.

The template will be mailed in a photo-mailer to ensure safe delivery via First Class mail.